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Israeli dentistry offers a full range of professional services in accordance with the highest world-level standards. Treatment is provided by experts with vast experience from the best dental clinics using latest painless techniques and bringing outstanding results.

In the first phase, each patient undergoes into a comprehensive survey using high-precision medical equipment.

 The most appropriate treatment plan is developed for each patient  by a qualified dentist, according to the survey findings

When possible, the priority is to preserve the patient’s natural teeth. In For that purpose, the most advanced treatment methods are being used

In case preservation of the natural teeth is impossible, we can offer the latest methods of prosthetics and implantation using computer equipment and highest quality materials personalized for the patient.

Another reason why do patients from all over the world choose dental treatment in Israel is wide utilization of minimally invasive methods into daily practice of Israeli specialists. Due to that in many cases patients can return to work and normal activities within few days post treatment.

Common dental treatments:

 Recovery for natural teeth using sparing methods

 Cosmetic (esthetic) dentistry

 Dental treatment after injury


 Maxillofacial Surgery

 Functional and esthetic prosthetics

 Restoration of teeth with crowns

 Veneers, lumineers

 Ceramic prostheses

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