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Israel is famous for its achievements in the field of general surgery, including the development and utilization into the daily practice of the latest minimally invasive technologies. Regards the unparalleled records of Israeli surgeons, thousands of patients come to Israel every year to get a medical treatment in different fields of surgery. 

The utilization into the daily practice of the minimally invasive procedures that replaced the regular surgeries enables to offer patients the optimal result while reducing significantly the perioperative risk and recuperation period.

Israeli specialists widely use a laparoscopic method instead of open surgeries for cholecystectomy (removal of gall bladder), colectomy (removal of colon), nephrectomy (removal of kidney), pancreatectomy (removal of pancreas), gynecologic and urologic surgeries. During laparoscopic procedure the organ removal occurs through tiny incisions of 5-15 mm while surgeon has an amplified view of necessary area of the body via laparoscope, fiber optic cable system. Laparoscopic method decreases the damage of tissues and organs, peri-operative and post-operative complications, such as bleeding, pain, scars, and infections.

Common diagnostic procedures used in general surgery:

✓ Ultrasound

✓ Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

✓ Computer Tomography (CT)


✓ Endoscopy

✓ Colonoscopy

✓ Mammography

✓ Fine-needle aspiration biopsy

✓ Angiography

✓ Cystoscopy

Israeli medical centers are equipped with the most advanced technologies that allow specialists to diagnose precisely the pathological process, its size, subtype and to evaluate the condition of tissues around.

The training of Israeli surgeons is characterized by focusing on narrow surgical subspecialty aiming to provide maximal level of professional help.

Main fields of surgery in Israel:

Cardiac Surgery in Israel represents one of the most distinguished and world-known achievements. World-known distinguished specialists who perform complicated surgeries as well as most advanced minimally invasive procedures together with perioperative results that can be compared only with that of few top-notched heart centers in the world- all this explain why cardiovascular diseases ARE NOT the leading cause of death among Israeli population as it is in most economically developed countries.

Thoracic Surgery in Israel offer patients an opportunity to undergo new effective minimally invasive procedures (videothoracoscopy , mediastinoscopy) which replace open surgery on lungs and mediastinum

Orthopedic Surgery is one of the most “popular” fields of surgery in Israel. Israeli orthopedic surgeons use in daily practice the robotic systems which enhance the accuracy of surgical manipulations, reduce the risk of mistake in placing the transplants and incision of surgical instruments during the spine surgery.

Abdominal Surgery includes all surgeries performed on one or several organs in abdominal cavity. In general, there are three types of most common abdominal surgeries- appendectomy, laparotomy and laparoscopy. The advanced level of abdominal surgery in Israel allows the performance of the most complicated surgeries on abdominal organs with optimal effect and minimal risk for patient.

Urologic Surgery- Israeli urologists have a vast experience in non-traumatic endoscopic methods of treatment of urinary system

Gynecology- in addition to traditional surgeries Israeli gynecologists use microsurgery, for instance for reconstruction of salpinx.

Hysteroscopy allows surgical procedures while saving the organs even in complicated oncological cases.

Neurosurgery- Israeli neurosurgeons widely use minimally invasive surgery with advanced stereotactic neuronavigation that minimizes incisions and damage to normal brain tissues.

Common minimally invasive neurosurgical procedures:

  • neuroendoscopy with guidance of endoscope for removal of   variable brain tumors such as craniopharingioma, meningioma and pituitary tumors
  • microcraniotomy- minimally invasive procedure with narrow opening of about 1.5 cm in diameter for reaching and removal of brain tumors and brain cysts

Ophthalmology- one of the most demanded ophthalmologic surgeries is LASIK- laser procedure for correction of vision problems, such as presbyopia, myopia, astigmatism, with minimal risk of complications 

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